Cake, A Love Story by J. Bengtsson

Author: J. Bengtsson
Series: Cake #1
Original Release Date: May 14, 2016
Wide Release Date: October 30, 2018

I had this book sitting on my Kindle for nearly 2 months.  It sounded interesting - after all, I do love a good rockstar book.  The book got lost amongst all the other digital books that I had yet to read.  I really, really, really wish that I didn't wait so long to read it.

Being sucked into a book that is so good that you stay up half the night to finish it is a rarity for me these days.  After all, I do love my beauty sleep and Ellie Bear is under the impression that 2:30am is a perfectly acceptable wake-up time.  This book, Cake, sucked me in, as did the following 3 books in the series.

Alright, honestly here, I am reviewing this book after the 3rd time I read it.  It was so good that I had to re-read it.  Then the 4th book, "Cake: The Newlyweds", was just released so of course, I had to go through and re-read it again.  Then re-read the 2nd book about Jake's brother and then the 3rd book about Jake's sister.


When outspoken and fun-loving Casey Caldwell was paired with the famously reserved musician for a friend’s wedding, she was prepared for the worst. What could they possibly have in common? She was a bubbly talker; he was a media-shy loner. His life was filled with music; she couldn’t carry a tune. She’d enjoyed a happy childhood; his was a well-publicized nightmare. 

-Their worlds are about to collide-

Despite their obvious differences, Jake and Casey found each other, and her light balanced out his darkness. Would their love be strong enough to survive the weight of his tragic past? 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Cake is the first in a four-book series. Book two, The Theory Of Second Best; book three, Fiercely Emma; and book 4, Cake: The Newlyweds are now available on Amazon. Cake is a love story at heart but does deal with a sensitive topic and may not be suitable for all. 
*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. 

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5 stars Expect the unexpected as this is not your typical rockstar book.  There are moments when you are laughing so hard that you are trying not to snort while in the waiting room during your daughter's therapy session and the moments when you are trying not to cry during the times of heartache.  How can a book be both a comedy and a drama?  J. Bengtsson pulls it off nicely.

Jake has survived an unimaginable tragedy and yet, he has overcome the odds and become a successful rockstar.  Yet, he keeps his emotions closed off.  He is close to his family, but never feels he can truly be himself.  Then he meets Casey.

Casey is a hilarious character.  She first meets Jake at a wedding where they are paired up as bridesmaid and groomsmen.  Her first encounter with Jake involves her pulling a prank.  Oh I was laughing so hard.  Thus begins an unlikely romance.

The characters are so well developed that you cannot help, but feel they are real.  Jake and Casey have amazing chemistry and you cannot help, but root for them to be together.

This book can be read as a standalone.  No cliffhanger.  No cheating.  A HEA.

About the Author:

A professional stay-at-home-mom for twenty-one years, Jill started her writing career in 2016 after reading a really bad rockstar romance. Although she had no previous writing experience and no desire to become and author, Jill was convinced she could write a better story.

And so began Cake: A Love Story. She wrote the novel for fun and added every single thing she’d ever wanted to read in a romance. Embarrassed by her newfound hobby, Jill kept her writing a secret from her family.

When the story was complete, she turned to Amazon to get the feedback she desired. Not thinking the book would ever sell, Jill planned to pull Cake off Amazon once it got a review or two but that never happened because, within a week of its release, Cake began to soar up the bestseller charts. Not only was Jill shocked by Cake’s success but now she had a whole new burgeoning career on her hands…and some explaining to do. Needless to say, the news of Jill’s secret book bay came as a complete shock to her husband and three children.

Jill is now a full-time writer.