Love on the Rocks by Kay Harris

About the book:

"I am stranded in a diner in the middle of the desert at 3am. Things have not been going my way. Then two smoking hot rock stars walk in and offer me a ride."

Dani Roberts is a humble park ranger with a dark relationship past. To avoid dealing with her future, she hits the road for a little adventure. In a lonely cafe in the middle of the nowhere Nevada she runs into two rock stars. Given the current lack of direction in her life, she accepts a ride on their tour bus. 

Hank Tolk is certainly her type, and definitely a terrible player. Sean Rush is a bigger-than-life, scary-looking, tattooed monster of a man. She has no intention of hooking up with either of them, but when disaster strikes, one of these rockers snags her heart. 

If things were different, falling in love might be simple, but Dani has demons to wrestle with before she can be with a man who has the world at his feet.

Love on the Rocks is a classic story of an ordinary girl meeting an extraordinary man. It is peppered with humor, sweetness, and a touch of sexy. This journey of self-discovery, friendship and love will make you want to jump on the tour bus for the long haul.

Oh hello!  It is not often I hop off to Amazon and write a 5 star review, but I just could not put down this book by Kay Harris.  Actually, I am just writing this after my 2nd time reading it.

Love on the Rocks is the first book in the Love on Tour series.  This is the story of Dani is a park ranger who wanders around the United States, not putting down roots.  While traveling alone in a rural city, she meets rockstars Hank and Sean.  They invite her to tag alone on their tour bus as they are traveling in the same direction.  The camaraderie between the 3 of them is hilarious.  Hank and Dani always teasing each other and then the sexual tension between Dani and Sean is off the charts.

As the tour continues, a relationship develops between Dani and the dark, handsome, quit, tattooed Sean.  They have amazing chemistry and the love between them is endearing.  As with all things, there are challenges to their relationship, but you will get your HEA.

This is a standalone book with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a HEA.

I highly recommend reading the rest of the books in the series.  Kay Harris will not disappoint.

The next book is about Hank and his story is so heartbreaking and yet, he is such a strong character.

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