What's on My Bookshelf This Weekend: Kylie Scott, Taryn Elliot, and Cari Quinn

Full confession time.  I did not read all the books that I mentioned in last week's post.  As I finished up Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot's "Lost in Oblivion" series, I decided to dive right into their spin off series "Lost in Oblivion", a spin off, which features some of the minor characters.

The yumminess factor and the awesome characters with a  bit of intrigue, basically led me to binge read the entire 6 book series during every free moment.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would read all of the "Found in Oblivion" series.  Pitch Perfect, Book 5, features a menage.  A little MFM action doesn't bother me and can, in fact, be pretty hot (hmmm, maybe I should tell my husband it is time to experiment?!), but it was mentioned that the book also has a lot of MMF scenes.  I read a few of the reviews and then decided to give the book a try. Pitch Perfect's sex scenes were steamy and very well done and I really enjoyed the characters' relationship with each other.  The twist at the end . . .  oh my goodness!  So of course, I had to immediately dive into Raw Rhythm to find out how the authors tie it up!

Now I am done with the series and I am in mourning for my favorite characters. Yes, that is a thing.  Avid book readers get it - book hangover, feeling like the characters are real people (they are real!).

Found in Oblivion Box Set on Amazon

Anyway, that is why my bookshelf from last weekend is still full.  Last night, I got a notification from the library stating that one of my requested books is available.  I have a bunch of stuff on hold and half the time when I get the notification, I have no idea what book it is for or what the book is even about.  This book is Lick by Kylie Scott.  It is another rocker book and so far I am about 22% of the way in.  It has sucked me in already and I'll leave a review once I'm finished.

Lick on Amazon

*All books in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott's Lost in Oblivion, Found in Oblivion, and Hammered series can be read as standalone, but I do recommend you read them in order to prevent a few spoilers.

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