Review: Stolas by Randi Cooley Wilson

This is book 1 in the Dark Souls trilogy

About this book:

Warning: This book ends in a  cliffhanger-----> If you are like me and don't like books with cliffhangers, please give this one a chance!  This is my first book by Randi Cooley Wilson and I just finished reading Stolas for a second time - yes, it is that good. Hope is a young woman who firmly believes that she has schizophrenia.  That the voices and visions of demons are just that - voices and hallucinations.  Suddenly, she must grasp that all those things she thought weren't real, actually exist.  Stolas is the heir to the 9 circles of hell.  At the bidding of his father, Lucifer, he is tasked with bringing Hope into the 9 circles.  This book is heart wrenching.  I loved both characters.  Even though Hope experiences great fear, she is such a strong and likable heroine. With Stolas, my heart aches for him.  He struggles to straddle two worlds - the divine and Hell and you really see him evolve as a character.  There is chemistry between them even though being together would be all sorts of wrong - I was rooting for them the entire time and unable to put the book down just to see what happens.  I cannot wait until the next book in the series is released (Vassago on 5/15/18).