Sugar Ink Serenade (Hot Wired 4) by Gracen Miller

Whew!  I feel like I have been waiting for forever for the 4th book of Hot Wired to come out.  A while back, I accidentally discovered Gracen Miller on Amazon (see, those "recommended for you" suggestions work!). Being a lover of rockstar romances, I immediately bought her first 2 books and devoured them.  Then I had to wait  a little bit for the 3rd, but fortunately the wait wasn't too long.  Then I waited and waited and waited. So I did what any normal book reader would do - I stalked her Facebook Page to see if/when she was writing/releasing book 4. 


What happens in Vegas…

Slinging ink is what Harriet “Sugar” Malone is famous for. She’s riding a one-way ticket to the top. As the youngest winner of Tattoo Guru, she’s rocketed to the spots reserved only for the elites in the artistic field. She’s finally rubbing elbows with the tattooists she admires the most and has no time for a man distracting her focus. A chance meeting with a hot guy in line to bungee jump is about to rock her world.

…stays in Vegas, right?

Derringer “Derr” Ramos is the bass guitarist for the hottest band around, Hot Wired. Fame isn’t new to him and neither is getting the women he desires the most. He’s watched all of his band family marry and start families and he’s happy for them. Derr is content as a bachelor, focused solely on his family and his career… until one night in Las Vegas shifts his thinking.

When you’re a celebrity, nothing remains secret…

Rumors, attorneys, and agents battling it out are a typical day in the life of a celebrity. Derr and Sugar feel duped and cheated, they’re thrust together and tasked with resolving the scandal brewing. Before time runs out, will they realize that one drunken night in Las Vegas was the start of something even bigger?

And scandals introduce you to your newest lover.


**While this book is a part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, but people from the previous books are mentioned in "Sugar Ink Serenade"**

This is the story about the bass player, Derringer (Derr).  Derr is the last single man in his rock band Hot Wired and adamantly refuses to get settle down and get married like his other bandmates.  Harriet (Sugar) Malone is a well known tattoo artist who is also against marriage.  The two happen to meet while bungee jumping in Vegas and they hit it off.  Yes, there is sexual chemistry, but they part ways feeling more like friends and certain to never see each other again.  Of course, things don't always go as planned.

While "Sugar Ink Serenade" may not be my favorite in the series, I really enjoyed this book.  This book was told from a dual POV which I think really made the story. There was a good bit of humor.  Derringer had some funny one-liners and lots of sexual innuendos.  He is a very likable character - cocky, but sweet.  Sugar is an interesting character.  She is a tattoo artist trying to prove herself in a male dominated field and she is reality TV star.  She is a strong heroine and doesn't let anyone walk all over her.  Derr and Sugar have some humorous conversations between them and there is lots of chemistry.  When they finally get around to acting on their sexual attraction (at about 75% of the way through the book), the scenes are smokin' hot and not over the top!  

It was also good to see appearances from our other Hot Wired friends - Jase & Fallon, Fang & Sam, and Keys & Nessa.  Jase seemed to be featured a little more than the others and goodness he is hilarious!  Sugar's friends, Luc (Lucille), Jack, & Dusty, are pretty entertaining too. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.