Book Review: Wycked Crush by Wynne Roman

This rockstar popped up on Amazon as a suggested book based off the pervious books that I have read.  I added it to my TBR pile on Goodreads figuring I would get to eventually.  It should be noted that I have over 100 books marked as "to be read" so "eventually" means a long time with a goal of reading it before I'm 80 years-old.  Within a few weeks, this book popped up a few more times and I saw that it had good reviews and decided, I should read it NOW!  I'm glad that I didn't wait because it was a really enjoyable book.  Wycked Crush is book 1 in Wynne Roman's Wycked Obsession  series.  Book 2 is already out and there is a bit of a delay with book 3.  Each book is and will be about a different band member so it can be read as a standalone.


Wycked Obsession—my brother’s alternative rock band. More than that, it’s the story of my five-year crush on the band’s lead singer, Ajia Stone.

When things at home turn bad, I get the chance to spend three months on tour with the band. Finally, it’s my chance to make Ajia to see me as more than the band’s mascot. Their baby girl. Or will the ugliness at home, the parties, the groupies, and my over-protective brother ruin my transformation and turn it all into a nightmare?


Wycked Obsession—the rock band that my buddy Knox Gallagher and I formed five years ago. His baby sister Bree has always been our biggest fan.

Now things have changed. Bree’s on tour with us, and suddenly she’s not our baby girl anymore. She’s a woman, and she’s pushing every button I have. Can I go from a never-ending list of nameless, faceless girls to just one? I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of, don’t deserve a happily-ever-after, so why does Bree make me want to believe otherwise? 

**This is an adult rock star romance intended for mature audiences. Not appropriate for readers under 18.**

No cliffhangers. Guaranteed HEA. Book 1 in the Wycked Obsession series, the beloved fantasy of romance between hot rock stars and the ordinary women who love them.


I am always up for a good rockstar romance and this one does not disappoint. Bree is the younger sister of Knox, the super protective lead guitarist of the band Wycked Obsession. A family situation lands Bree on tour with the band. She has had a crush on Ajia, the play boy lead singer, for 5 years and is wondering if he will ever see her as someone other than a kid sister. She also wonders if she will survive seeing him with all the groupies.

Both characters are well developed and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Ajia is a troubled bad boy and struggling to handle the demons from his teenage years. I enjoyed watching him evolve as a character - as finally faces his demons and learns that he is worthy of Bree’s love and not a bad person. I also enjoyed watching Bree mature as handles her potential relationship with Ajia, handles the situation with her stepfather, and handles her brother Knox’s need to butt into and control everything. The book is told from a dual POV, which I always love because I enjoy reading both main characters’ thoughts and feelings. The sex scenes are steamy and not OTP. The rest of the band members are entertaining. I cannot wait to for each of them to have their own books - especially Zayne and Rye. The next book, Wyked Rumor is about Knox. He was a pretty big jerk in this book, but I am ready for the author to peel back all his layers in Wycked Rumor.