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Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Unless he’s a boy called L.

My name is Eden and I only want one thing in life—and it isn’t to have sex with some guy I’ve never met in front of three creepy businessmen. But when dirty-copper Coop, who holds the deed to my family’s farm, says jump—I ask how high. And ex-street kid L is nothing like I expect him to be.

He’s so much worse.

Now I want three things.

My dad’s farm back.
To know why a guy as hot as L has never slept with a girl before.
Coop to die a painful death.

And there’s a fourth. Here’s a hint…
It starts with the letter L.
Just like this story does.

Is happy-ever-after possible when your meet-cute happens in front of three voyeurs in business suits?

** This is a full length standalone. HEA. Strong language, sex scenes, and a character with abuse in his past. For mature audiences.

Previously titled Lightning Boy, Loving L is a full-length self-contained novel with a HEA. Book 1 in the Damaged Souls Golden Hearts series is the short novelette, Finding E, set four years earlier which tells the tale of L’s last night of homelessness and his first soul-shaking sight of Eden across a rain-filled street. It doesn't need to be read first but does give some extra-juicy background that some readers might find helpful.

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Another 5 stars!  I believe that Amy J. Heart is one of my new favorite authors and y'all know just how much I read! This is an amazing, heart wrenching, dark romantic suspense.  In theory, this book can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommended starting with the Prequel about Lightening "L"  Book 1, “A Boy Called L.”  Lightening Boy picks up 4 years after A Boy Called L.  

Lightening aka “L” is now a successful model, but back in the clutches of Coop - a dirty, twisted ex-cop.  Our hero is a damaged character who is deeply scarred by his past and is yet strong because he is a survivor.  You cannot help, but want him to conquer his demons and get his HEA.  In this book, we learn a lot more about his past, which is heart breaking.  Eden plays a more prominent role in Lightening Boy than in the previous book and we get a lot more background on her story as well.  She is a very likable character who is also essentially owned by Coop - having to do dirty deeds to pay off a debt. The chemistry between the L and Eden is intense and the sex scenes are hot, but not over the top.
I loved that this book is told from a dual POV as both characters are extremely interesting and have to overcome so many obstacles. 

The author introduces a few more minor characters - Jess and Nico (he will have his own book!), who provide a little humor, as well as reappearances of Ariana and Angelo.

This is what I would consider a dark romantic suspense.  The book does address child sexual abuse so if that is a trigger for you, then I recommend not reading this book. 

Like “A Boy Called L”, I was sucked right in from the beginning and stayed up half the night to finish it.  I have never read a book like this before and I don’t want to give anything away, but the author does a great job with character development, pulling at your heart strings, and keeping you in suspense.  I almost wasn’t sure these 2 would get their HEA.  

Book 1: A Boy Called L 
(Finding E)

About Amy J. Heart:

Amy J. Heart - author of dark, spicy contemporary romance novels.  Australian author who adores golden hearted girls and broken boys finding redemption together.  Nothing thrills her more than the moment when love slips the key into a locked-tight heart and breaks it wide open.  And a heft dose of grit and steam's pretty good too. She loves indie music, mad hair colors, nuclear strength coffee, Siamese cats, and long-hair boys.  And not in that order!

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