Review: A Boy Called L (Finding E) by Amy J. Heart



A street boy who doesn't want love. One night, one girl changes everything.

I’m young. Homeless. And angry.
I sell misery and pain to guys who get off on it.
Am I into men? Nope.
Sex? With my past. No thanks.
But I want to stay alive, and a blowjob equals money which means I eat. And on the cycle goes. Until tonight when a girl who shivers in the rain, shocks my dead heart to life.
This girl is everything.
I don’t know her name, but I wish I did.
There’s that saying—be careful what you wish for.
But I had to learn the hard way, because my name is Lightning, and I don’t know what love is.
This is a short intro novella that contains a sizzling hot preview of Lightning Boy, release date 30th of July. For a limited time, A Boy Called L readers will have the opportunity to read the full length HEA novel for free. Both books feature frequent strong language, sex scenes, and a character with abuse in his past. For mature audiences only.
Damaged Souls. Golden hearts. Redemption.

Previously titled A Boy Called L, this short intro novella plunges you into the darkness of L's last night on the streets when he encounters the girl who'll take his tormented heart and change everything. Loving L, the full length HEA end to L and Eden's story, can be read as a standalone and is available now. Both books feature frequent strong language, sex scenes, and a character with sexual abuse in his past. For mature audiences only.


What an amazing prequel/teaser for the next book! The synopsis of this very short novella intrigued me. I've read a lot of books, but I have never read one with this type of storyline. What was it about the girl that shocked Lightening? The book starts off with a bang and sucks you right in. The book is mainly told from Lightening's POV although the last chapter is told from Eden's. It starts off sounding a bit like a possible rags to riches type of story for Lightening seeing as he is homeless and turning tricks on the streets, but it looks like his luck is changing. However, this book is a suspense. The novella is fast past and leave you wanting more. A Boy Called L ends on a cliffhanger and I can't wait for book 2.

About Amy J. Heart:

Amy J. Heart - author of dark, spicy contemporary romance novels.  Australian author who adores golden hearted girls and broken boys finding redemption together.  Nothing thrills her more than the moment when love slips the key into a locked-tight heart and breaks it wide open.  And a heft dose of grit and steam's pretty good too. She loves indie music, mad hair colors, nuclear strength coffee, Siamese cats, and long-hair boys.  And not in that order!

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