Review: Dirty Like Dylan (book 4) by Jaine Diamond

**This is the 4th book in the Dirty rockstar series.  In theory, this can be read as a standalone, but it has spoilers from the previous books and the previous books have background on the main male characters in this book.  Therefore, I highly recommend reading the previous 3 books + the novellas. Also note, that while the blurb mentions a kiss between Dylan and Ash, there are no M/M scenes.  It is actually Ash that goes in to kiss Dylan.  Dylan does not kiss back. **

One woman.
Two rock stars.
A threesome that will change everything…

Photographer Amber Malone sucks at love. She’s been dumped, duped and dated more a-holes than any girl should ever have to.

Then she meets rock star Dylan Cope, drummer for the mega-successful rock band Dirty; gorgeous, charming and all-around nice guy. For once, the stars seem to be aligning in Amber’s favor.

There’s only one problem.

Dylan’s rock star best friend, Ashley Player, is not a nice guy. He’s broken, bitter, protective of Dylan—and wants Amber gone.

It’s almost enough to send her packing…

But when Amber and her camera inadvertently catch Ash kissing Dylan, she finds herself sucked head-over-heels into a world of secrets, lust and heartache… and a three-way relationship that will change everything she thought she knew about love.

Dirty Like Dylan is the fourth full-length novel in the Dirty series—a rockstar romance series about the members of the rock band Dirty and the women and men who love them.

Novels in the Dirty series are interconnected standalones, each with an HEA; other books (novella/story collection) are not HEA, but are essential pieces of the overall story arcs. (There are ongoing storylines that develop throughout the series; reading them in order is not crucial but is HIGHLY recommended.)

Five Stars
This book kept me on my toes and had me tied up in knots! Even though Ash isn’t a member of the Dirty band, he is one of my favorite characters in the Dirty series so I was excited about this book. Dylan, well who doesn’t love a shirtless guy in a kilt? Both men are known for their very close friendship and for sharing girls. Ash is bisexual and it has always been alluded to him being in love with Dylan. It is an unrequited love seeing as Dylan is straight. Amber is a hippie photographer who likes to travel the worlds and figures she will always be alone seeing as she has been burned in the past. She ends up at a photoshoot of Dylan’s and encounters Ash. Ash is cold, broody, and closed off. He has been off his game as he was crushed when Elle ended up with Seth (from “Dirty Like Seth”). Dylan is laid back and a flirt. He wants his best friend back. He sees Amber as the answer. He wants Ash to be with Amber even though he is also attracted to her. Of course, Amber is attracted to both men and they end up in a Menage relationship.

**Note: even though the blurb mentions a kiss between Ash and Dylan, there are no M/M sex scenes, but there are MFM and MF exploits**

What is interesting about this book is the dynamic between each of them - Amber and Dylan, Amber and Ash, then the 3 of them together. The chemistry is off the charts and all the sex scenes are hot. I was kept on my toes because things were getting complicated. What happens when both men fall for Amber, but Amber is in love with only one of them? Will it destroy Ash and Dylan’s friendship? What if Amber chooses Dylan? Would Ash lose the two people he is in love with? That is what kept me on my toes! Who would she end up with? 

I will tell you, just when I thought the book was going in one direction, the author would steer it in another direction. I really didn’t know what was going to happen until the very end. At one point the book started to show that Amber was really in love with one of the men while both were in love with her. Then, when the book starting showing that only two of them would be together, I was rooting for one man to be with Amber. It eventually became apparent she was in love with the other guy and I was all twisted up. Just when I think I had it all figured out, the author would throw in another twist.  My heart was broken for the other man.  I was very happy with the way things turned out - Amber and the man she ends up with are perfect together. The feelings that the other man had ended up being convoluted and they would have been a poor fit together in the long run. The book couldn’t really end up any other way and I am happy with the way it ended. All characters are very likable - they have their strengths and their faults. The book is told from the POV of all 3 of them, which I really liked because I enjoy seeing each characters thoughts and feelings. 

I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The next book in the series is Dirty Like Jude and features the Dirty Bodyguard, Jude and Roni (both have scenes in a Dirty Wedding Night [book 2.5]).  It releases on September 27, 2018.