Cover Reveal: Hard Rock Kiss by Athena Wright

Athena Wright, the author of the Darkest Days and the Feral Silence rockstar series, will be releasing a new book in 3 weeks! Check out this hot cover of Hard Rock Kiss! 💋😘 HARD ROCK KISS RELEASE DATE, BLURB, & COVER REVEAL 😘💋 Hard Rock Kiss will be released on September 13th 2018! 💋💋💋

Blurb: Rock star god Nathan Walker is the first person to make me feel alive in years. But I can’t let this happen. I can’t let us happen. For my sake, and for his. Nathan Walker is a rock star god. Rich, famous, gorgeous. The media says he goes through women like tissues. From the minute we met, I knew there was something more to him. Every brush of his lips, every touch of his skin, makes my body sing. It’s not just physical. In those moments we share together, I know he cares for me. Just like I’m beginning to care for him.But there’s a secret I’m keeping from him. A secret that will change everything. A secret that could ruin his dreams, his future. Despite all the playboy rumors, I know Nathan would never intentionally hurt me. What if I have the power to hurt him? 💋💋💋 Also? It's available for preorder right now! Preorder Hard Rock Kiss: And add it to your Goodreads shelf: