New Release! Finding Forever by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott


I was sad when the Found in Oblivion and the Lost in Oblivion series ended. After all, I was so attached to the characters and I loved each of their stories.  So imagine my excitement when I discovered that Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott were releasing Finding Forever! (Found In Oblivion book 7)


You're invited to the comeback arena tour of the century...and just maybe a wedding too.

Who: Malachi Shawcross and Richelle Crandall (you can call her Ricki or Elle, she answers to both.)

When: While they make it through the biggest shows of their career...with or without some of their members (hopefully with!)

Where: Happy Acres Orchard, Turnbull, NY--or possibly a judge's chamber in the next city they have a show in, if Ricki won't stop changing her bridesmaids' dresses.

Who's attending: least everyone in the Warning Sign and Oblivion families, along with some of the members of Brooklyn Dawn, the headliner on Warning Sign's big tour.

Who's also attending: Jules's, Randy's and Tristan's brand new baby. And there may be some more surprises in store for Jules and Tristan as well.

Can't have the roses without the guns--err, thorns. But a whole lot of healing, hijinks, and happiness is ahead...and oh yeah, plenty of steamy moments and screaming rock and roll too.

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4.5 Stars.  Warning Sign is back!  Finding Forever is the 7th book in the rockstar series “Found in Oblivion”.  We get to see all of our favorite rockstars from this series and their significant others in this book as well as Nikki and Lila.  Finding Forever builds on the previous books and cannot be read as a standalone.

Told from Mal and Elle’s POV (from Raw Rhythm) and Jules and Tristan’s POV (from Triple Trouble), the book picks up months after the horrifying on stage incident that rocked the band to their core.  I really enjoyed this book.  Mal and Elle were two of my favorite characters and I am happy that they were in the center of Finding Forever.  It was good to see how the characters were all surviving life and trying to find themselves again. While things can never be the same for all of them, especially Jules and Tristan, they are trying to find happiness in a time of grief.  There are so many emotions in this book - grief and celebration of new beginnings, sadness and happiness, excitement, and hope.  The book moves at a good pace and I was sad when it ended because I love the characters that Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn have created.  The only thing that I wish were that there were some chapters told from the other members of the band's POV (hence, why I gave it 4.5 stars and not 5).  There are HEAs with no cliffhangers.

I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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About Cari Quinn:

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn (who is also half of bestselling author Taryn Quinn) grew up wanting to be a singer more than anything else. When she realized she probably wouldn’t be hired as the opening act for the Foo Fighters, she stopped singing and started writing. Now she happily writes about rock stars, MMA fighters, suited heroes, bodyguards and everything in between. And she blasts her music as loud as the neighbors can stand, because hey, she’ll always be a rock star in her own head.

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About Taryn Elliott:

I'm USA Today Bestselling author Taryn Elliott. I'm a music freak who loves everything about telling stories. I have way too many ideas rattling around in my head, but music almost always ends up in the story somehow. I'm very lucky to have a job that allows me to slip into the shoes of musicians, actors, business women, tycoons, bodyguards, chefs, bakers, carpenters, inventors, bartenders, wine makers, artists, and so many more characters to come. Talk about living the dream.
Oh, and I write 85% of this with my bestie and writing partner, Cari Quinn. We also write super sexy paranormal romance and erotic romance under Taryn Quinn.
Enough about me...go read about one of my hot guys. They're far more interesting. ;) 

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