Review: The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

The Hardest Fall
Author: Ella Maise
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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The first time you meet someone, you make eye contact. You smile, say hello. Should be simple, if you’re anyone but me. The first time I met Dylan Reed, I found myself making eye contact with a different part of his body. You see, I’m very good at being shy, not to mention extremely well-versed in rambling nonsense and, unfortunately, rather highly skilled at making a fool of myself in front of a guy I’m attracted to.

At the time, I knew nothing about him and thought none of what I said would matter since I’d never speak to him again. Turns out, I was very wrong. He was the star wide receiver of the football team, one of the few players expected to make it into the NFL, and I ended up seeing him all over campus.
I might have also propositioned him, run away from him, attacked him with a cooking utensil…and…uh, maybe I shouldn’t tell you all of it. It’s pretty normal stuff, things you’d expect…from me. Eventually, the time came when I couldn’t hide anymore—not that he’d have let me even if I tried.
Before now, he never knew I was secretly watching him. Now that we see each other every day, he knows when I have a hard time looking away. It doesn’t help that I’m not the most subtle person in the world either.

He smiles at me and tells me he finds me fascinating because of my quirks. I can’t even tell him that I think my heart beats differently whenever he’s around.

He thinks we’re going to be best friends. I think I have a big thing for him, and the more I get to know him, the more I don’t care that I’m not allowed to be his friend, let alone fall for him.

The thing is, that’s exactly what I’m doing—what we’re doing, I think.



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4 stars This is my first book by Ella Maise and it will not be my last.  This is what I would call a slow burn romance with a fair amount of humor and some drama. Zoe is a photography major when she first encounters Dylan, the star wide receiver at their college.  The opening scene of their meeting left me with tears in her eyes it was so funny.  Zoe is shy and the "word vomit" that comes out of her mouth the first few times she meets Dylan over course of 3 years is hilarious.  Dylan, the star wide receiver, isn't your stereotypical player who goes through woman like kleenex and then falls for weird girl. He is a fun, likable character who works hard at football and at helping his family.  You cannot help but love him.  Circumstances land them as roommates and it is fun to read the interactions between them. As the two's relationship slowly evolves, Zoe wants to reveal a secret that she has seen carrying.  Once he learns her secret, will he leave her?  One of the things that I appreciate is that the author didn't leave us guessing her secret until the very end - I hate it when authors drag it out until the last 95% of the book.  Zoe's secret is revealed earlier in the book and then more comes out later (something even Zoe didn't know).  This book moved at a great pace with no slow parts.  The main characters were well developed and likable.  I also loved the secondary characters (well, most the secondary characters as there are a few you are not supposed to like).  I would love for Chris or Kayla to get their own book(s).

About The Author:

Writing has become my world and I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than giving life to new characters and new stories. You know how some things simply makes your heart burst with happiness? A really good book, a puppy, hugging someone you’ve been missing like crazy? That’s what writing does to me. And all the hard work, all the sleepless nights, all the anxiety…everything is worth it at the end. And I'm hoping that reading my books will leave you with that same happy feeling.

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