Review: Just for You by Kay Harris

Starving artist Meg Kahele needs cash and fast, thanks to poor life choices involving an unscrupulous man. She convinces her best friend’s brother-in-law to hire her as his secretary. When she realizes his love life is as much of a disaster as his desktop, she offers to serve as his matchmaker as well.
Irresponsible playboy Hayden Morrison grows up fast when he is forced to carry his family’s future on his shoulders as the CEO of Morrison and Sons. He doesn't mind his new secretary finding him a suitable match. But he’s not interested in any of the women Meg finds. He wants Meg herself.
Despite having virtually nothing in common, heat rises between Meg and Hayden. But while Hayden chases, Meg runs. He has to convince her she’s the woman meant just for him.
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Just for You is book 3 in the “I Want Morrison” series and is a friends-to-lovers romance.  It can be read as a standalone, but I do recommend reading the previous 2 books.  

I have been waiting for Hayden’s book for a while now and Kay Harris did not disappoint.  In the previous books, he seemed like a playboy, but who also had some hidden depths. He is the rich billionaire who has taken over the family business, but while he appears confident on the outside, he is unsure about his ability to do his job. I love that Hayden has his strengths and faults, which make it easy to relate to him and to love him as the hero in this book.

Meg is an artist who takes a temporary job as Hayden’s secretary. They end up becoming friends, but she takes it upon herself to play matchmaker.  It was interesting to see the women she chose for him to go on dates with and why she chose them. Meg is a good fit for Hayden as she is able to see both sides of Hayden - the CEO he presents himself for the company to see and the private, vulnerable Hayden.  At times, I really wanted to shake her for how she felt she couldn’t be with Hayden.  She made presumptions and hurt both herself and Hayden.  

The book is told from a dual POV and I enjoyed being able to get insights from both characters.  It was also fun to see some of the other characters from the previous 2 books as well as a cameo of Hank from the Love On Tour series (this series if you like rockstar romances).

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It moved at a good pace keeping me entertained throughout the entire book.  There was great character development.  Both characters were likable (although, I loved Hayden more than Meg).  There is no cliffhanger and they get their HEA.

I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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About the Author:

I am a college professor, former park ranger, and anthropologist. People observation is in my blood. I write contemporary romance novels that emphasize character development and dialogue. The situations my characters find themselves in might not be everyday, but they could happen.

I have always loved romance novels of all kinds, and I've been writing love stories since I was kid. It wasn't until I was approaching a very significant birthday that that I decided to write down some of those stories in full length novels.

The Love on Tour series is a coming together of my love of romance and my love of rock n' roll. In particular I am a fan of classic rock (which might be obvious if you read my books). The titles of the books in the series are actually the song titles from one particular artist. If you can guess which singer/songwriter it is you get a gold star!

I grew up in Michigan, have since lived all over the west, including Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, and Nevada. I love to hike, am obsessed with museums, and take my 6'5 husband on 'adventures' all over the West.

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