Book Review: Chasing Eva (Book 1 In Light Of Shadows) by Camellia Hart

Chasing Eva
In Light of Shadows Book 1
Author: Camellia Hart
Genre: Romantic Suspense

When Eva and Clive meet in the office elevator fifteen years after they’ve seen each other last, their mutual attraction not dulled one bit, they’re tempted to explore their intense, undeniable, chemistry further.

But then Eva discovers that the sinfully gorgeous Clive is the powerful businessman who’s causing her company’s downfall. She’s determined to sway her newfound enemy to reconsider his betrayal. They’re not even halfway through that debate, when they’re drawn to each other with a force neither of them anticipates.

Having lived through her share of disloyal relationships Eva’s sworn off heartbreaker men. No way she’ll fall for this assertive, enigmatic playboy.

But Clive isn’t one to give up that easily, or at all for that matter. She doesn’t know, he’s been chasing Eva since their first kiss fifteen years ago.
*First book in a series of three.
*Underlying suspense continues in Loving Eva and concludes in Killing Eva.
*Two bonus chapters are at the end.

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I am typically all about half naked, ripped men gracing book covers, but this cover is gorgeous!

3.5 stars Chasing Eva is this author’s debut novel - a romantic suspense and somewhat an office romance.  This book has likable characters, a big hotness factor, suspense, and a bit of a mystery.  

Eva, a chef by training, recently took over her father’s business to fulfill his dying wish and is trying to acclimate to the corporate world.  It is baptism by fire for her as S.F. Designs’ biggest client, Stanford Enterprises, is terminating their contract. I love how Eva immediately steps up to the plate.  She doesn’t cower when faced with her career change or when she immediately needs to jump in and try to salvage things.  She is a strong character who is also vulnerable when it comes to love. 

Clive has taken over the family business, Stanford Enterprises.  He is hot, ex-military and ex-FBI, which gives him a unique skill set when he learns through his old FBI buddies that Eva’s company may have an informant committing corporate fraud.  I love how he exudes confidence - both in his business dealings and with Eva - and how protective he is. 

There is instant attraction and there are some steamy scenes with the two of them.  It isn’t exactly an insta-love between them, but I do feel like it was close for Clive. I felt like his strong feelings for Eva happened rather quickly while Eva’s seemed to progress in a more realistic manner.  Yes, she was Clive’s first kiss from when they were teens 15 years ago, but Eva didn’t even remember it at first and he had only met her at 2 family parties.  So I had trouble understanding why he was so into her so quickly based off of their rather brief interactions 15 years ago.

Both Eva and Clive are both strong, likable characters. We learn a bit about their backgrounds and how that has shaped who they are today and their approach to relationships.  I also liked the secondary characters of Izzy, Allie, Trevor, and Carter.  Izzy and Allie are the type of friends I would love to have in my inner circle and I really hope to learn more about them in the next two books. 

Chasing Eva started off a little slow for me for the first quarter of the book, but then it quickly picked up and moved at a good pace.  The author kept me engaged in building up the suspense on who could the informant be. For me, the ending felt abrupt.  The story was sort of going along and then, it just ended. Chasing Eva doesn’t exactly end in a cliffhanger, but as this is book 1 in a trilogy there are a lot of loose ends - such as who is out to get Eva and her company?  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to diving into the next book. (Note: book 2 Loving Eva  is out and the conclusion, Killing Eva releases on October 30, 2018). I received this book from the author and I voluntarily leave this review.

Addendum: I recently finished book 2 and the author goes more into depth about Clive's first meeting with Eva.  It makes more sense as to why he seems to have that near insta-love to Eva when they meet 15 years later.

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Book 3: Killing Eva
Release Date: October 30, 2018

About Camellia Hart:

Camellia Hart, a techie turned author of romance, lives in California with her husband, the love of her life. Other than writing her next romance novel, her hobbies include traveling, lazing on a beach with a good read, watching movies with happy endings while gorging on endless buckets of popcorn, red wine, and chocolate truffles.

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