Book Review: Kissing Vicious (Hearts of Metal #1) by Brooklyn Ann

Kissing Vicious
Author: Brooklynn Ann
Genre: Rockstar Romance
Series: Hearts of Metal (#1)



Aspiring guitarist Kinley Black is about to get her first big break—as a roadie for Viciöus, her favorite heavy metal band, and for the rock god she always dreamt might make her a woman.


At 15, aspiring guitarist Kinley Black wished she were a boy. At 16, after hearing Quinn Mayne sing, she wanted him to make her a woman. Now, at 22, her dreams have come true. Quinn’s band Viciöus needs someone to lug their amps around the country, to strive and sweat with the guys. She just has to act like one of them.


Quinn had to admit the new chick could pull her weight, but that didn’t mean his road manager made the right choice. Taking a hottie on a heavy metal music tour was like dangling meat in front of a pack of feral hounds—and Quinn could be part dog himself. But more surprising than her beautiful body are Kinley’s sweet licks, so that no man could help but demand a jam session. Quinn will soon do anything to possess her, and to put Kinley in the spotlight where she belongs. And to keep her safe and sound from the wolves.

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4 stars I have been meaning to read Kissing Vicious for a while now as it had been recommended in many of my favorite author’s FB pages. Now I am wondering why I waited so long to read it! I always love a good rockstar romance and this one does not disappoint. A female roadie and amazing guitar player?! How can you not love a heroine like that! I loved both Kinley and Quinn. Kinley is a strong character kicking butt in a “boys club” profession, but she is also vulnerable. Quinn is the sexy, popular lead singer of the band Vicious. Based off of past experience, he is super protective of Kinley. I also loved the secondary characters - i.e. Kinley’s best friend, Kat and the other bandmates from Vicious. I am already looking forward to reading the next book in her Hearts of Metal series - Cat and Klement’s book!


About the Author:

I'm Brooklyn Ann and I write 3 different subgenres of romance: Historical, Paranormal, and contemporary.
The one thing all of my books have in common is that my characters are either really eccentric, or damaged in some way, hence my tagline, "Love for the Broken and Strange."
I suppose the reason I explore this theme is because I am pretty damaged and eccentric myself.
I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a gorgeous small city nestled in a mountain valley and surrounded by lakes and rivers.
Before I became an author, I was a mechanic. I still love working on cars and I'm currently restoring my first car, a 1980 Datsun 210. Her name is Little Beast. I love that car so much that I made her a character in my Brides of Prophecy series. I'll post pics when she's further along.
On top of writing, I'm also an artist.
I like doing scratchboards and making painted block quilts. 

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