New Release and Review: HEART THROB by Brooklyn Ann (a rockstar romance)

Heart Throb
Author: Brooklyn Ann
Genre: rockstar romance
Series: Hearts of Metal (book 7)
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Did you know that there are different genres of heavy metal?  Sleaze metal, thrash metal, death metal, and glam metal?  A random thing that I like about Brooklyn Ann's Heart Throb is that she clearly knows her heavy metal.  Actually, if you happened to stalk her on Instagram (ahem) or her Hearts of Metal Facebook page, you can see that she is a true metalhead - like me!



Irascible, grumpy, rude, tetchy, remote - scared. Viciöus's bassist, Brand Kife is hiding a secret, and it takes everything he has to ignore Lexi, until he can't.
Bassist for heavy metal band, Viciöus, Brand Kife is known for his scowl and inability to form meaningful attachments. When he meets Lexi Adams, the director of the documentary being filmed about Viciöus, Brand wants the smart, sexy woman, but knows he's not worth having. Staying away from the alluring beauty becomes impossible, but he has secrets he'll never share, not even with Lexi.
Lexi Adams isn’t ready to settle down and may never be. Every time she’d tried to date, the man wanted to put his needs first. Her first boyfriend had forced her to choose between him and film school. Her second had wanted her to support his film career. And now that Lexi’s career has finally taken off, she doesn't have time to look for a third. Until Brand Kife, who seems more than happy to keep his distance, until he can't, and evermore becomes a reality she embraces with her whole heart and soul.


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Hearts of Metal
(Contemporary Romance)
Standalones that intertwine


5 stars Hot chemistry, romance, drama, and perceived betrayal make up this gripping rockstar romance.  Heart Throb is the 7th book in this author’s Hearts of Metal series, but it can be read as a standalone.  There is some character overlap, but I only read book 1 and had no trouble following along.

I always love a good, dark, broody hero and Brand is just that.  The surly bass player of Vicious is accurately known as “the man who never smiles” and Oscar the Grouch. He wants to avoid love and relationships because of his secret, troubled past.  He is hot, sexy, and vulnerable and my heart completely broke for him when his troubled childhood was revealed. 

I loved Lexi in that she is a strong character and was able to break away from her past to pursue her dream of becoming a film director. She works hard and wants to be respected in her field .  She is immediately drawn to Brand as he is to her.  The two make a good couple in that they have amazing chemistry and they play on each others strengths and faults.  

Heart Throb is an entertaining read that moves at a good pace, thus keeping you entertained until the very end.  Both Brand and Lexi are likable characters and are well developed. It was also great to see the other band members of Vicious and Bleeding Vengeance. On a more random note, what many people don’t realize is that there are various types of heavy metal such as thrash metal, sleaze metal, death metal, etc and I loved how the author dove into the different metal genres.  I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely going back to read the rest of the series and I hope that this is not the final book in her Hearts of Metal series.  I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review.


About the Author:

I'm Brooklyn Ann and I write 3 different subgenres of romance: Historical, Paranormal, and contemporary.
The one thing all of my books have in common is that my characters are either really eccentric, or damaged in some way, hence my tagline, "Love for the Broken and Strange."
I suppose the reason I explore this theme is because I am pretty damaged and eccentric myself.
I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a gorgeous small city nestled in a mountain valley and surrounded by lakes and rivers.
Before I became an author, I was a mechanic. I still love working on cars and I'm currently restoring my first car, a 1980 Datsun 210. Her name is Little Beast. I love that car so much that I made her a character in my Brides of Prophecy series. I'll post pics when she's further along.
On top of writing, I'm also an artist.
I like doing scratchboards and making painted block quilts. 

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