New Release and Book Review: Now Presenting by Elizabeth Stevens

Elizabeth Stevens
Now Presenting
Genre: YA/NA royal, romantic comedy
Series: I'm No Princess: Part One

One tattooed girl.
Three frustrated tutors.
A whole lot of accidents waiting to happen.

It’s time for me to join my dad and older sister in Gallyr, to dust off the cobwebs and leather jackets of a normal person’s life and don the mantle of Lady Tatiana Bethany Penrose.

For the first time, all eyes are on me and I have to be presented to society at a ball in my honour. So begin the lessons; dancing, dress, dinner etiquette.

Now, all I need to do is not spill my beer on or set fire to my date; the youngest son of my dad’s best friend, the Gallyrian King.

Not even Heaven can help me now.

The first book in the I'm No Princess Novella Series. Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax.

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4 stars Now Presenting is the 1st novella in Elizabeth Stevens’ “I’m No Princess” series.  This humorous, YA/NA story is about a young woman , Tatiana /Tati / Anya, whose father’s best friend is the king of Gallyr and she goes to live with him upon turning 18 years-old.  She has no experience on etiquette or court politics and so begins her adventure to trying to adapt into a world of royals and nobility.  First off, I love the storyline.  You have a broody prince and a comical disaster of a heroine.  I loved the characters - including the secondary ones. Anya is super klutzy and tends to march to the beat of her own drum.  In a lot of YA/NA novels, I find that the characters are really immature or they have the wisdom of a 30 year-old.  Not so in this book.  The author does a good job depicting Anya with that budding maturity that you seen in a young adult as they try to navigate the world, also some of that immaturity that you see among those starting off in college.  She is a fun character and reminds me a bit of myself so I found her pretty relatable.  Prince Dmitri, the eldest, is my favorite type of hero - good looking, a bit arrogant, broody . . . and sometimes looks at Anya with cold indifference or disdain.  The chemistry between the two is palpable and I look forward to seeing how their relationship evolves. 

I also liked the other two brothers and enjoyed reading about how different all of them were.  Nico is that funny playboy whose incessant flirting cracks me up and I would love to know about Kostin as he is so interesting.  Admiral Arnell is definitely something else.  He would be what I categorize as a crusty villain with quit the superiority complex.  I really enjoyed Now Presenting and was sad when it was over.  The novella moved at a good pace, had likable characters that were well developed, and it kept me entertained until the very end.  I am really looking forward to the next novella.  I received this as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review.

About the Author:
Writer. Reader. Perpetual student. Nerd.

I started out writing fantasy. But, I like to write anything, honestly. These days, I mainly stick to YA and there's always at least a sprinkling of romance, if not a 'whoops, I dropped the whole packet in'. Almost all my books are set in my home state of South Australia, either in real or fictional places - gotta write what you know - with Netherfieldbeing the only current exception.

Like most writers, I love to read. Although, time for reading at the moment is hard to come by. When I'm not too busy writing, I'm usually reading a number of authors.

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