Book Review: Lady In Training (I'm No Princess #2) by Elizabeth Stevens

Lady In Training
Elizabeth Stevens
Genre: YA romance, Royal romance
Series: I'm No Princess: Part 2

One incompetent lady.
Three holiday parties.
A whole lot of mistakes ready to be made.

Christmas and New Year’s is a busy time for Gallyrian Royalty and I have to play my part. According to the media, that part is now Prince Playboy Nico’s girlfriend. Uh, no thanks. 

Thank God Kostin steps in to save me. Until the media decide I was brought home to marry him instead. Or, was it Nico after all? 

How am I mean to survive a romantic wintery holiday season while everyone’s talking about my impending engagement to two different guys? 

Especially when I can’t even keep my footing on a flat surface. 

The second in the four-part I'm No Princess novella series.
Part One: Now Presenting
Part Two: Lady in Training
Part Three: Three of a Kind
Part Four: Some Proposal

Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax.

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4 stars Lady in Training is the 2nd YA/NA adult book in the I’m No Princess series. This novella is a sweet, fun read that picks up shortly after Now Presenting (book 1) ended. Tati is adjusting to palace life and still remains that independent, klutzy girl that you cannot help but love. She is determined to make her father proud and to hopefully cause no more mishaps - no setting the table on fire! Nico plays a prominent role in this book. He is certainly cheeky and the fun royal as well as a notorious flirt with Tati. I still cannot figure out if he is just doing friendly flirting or if he really feels something for her so I am looking forward to see how this progresses. Kostin is in the book, but he didn’t play as prominent of a role in the novella as the blurb suggests. He is perhaps the prince that I know the least about and that of course makes him more intriguing. Dmitri. Sigh. Enough said. I was happy to have more a Lia as well as Tati’s maids Shelly and Gerta and to also learn a little more about the political unrest that was mentioned in the last book. Lady In Training sort of just ends and will be continued in the next novella, Three of a Kind which should be out by the end of this month (this is a 4 part series). Overall, I enjoyed this YA/NA novella.

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