Book Review: Sociopath's Obsession by V.F. Mason

Sociopath's Obsession (#1)
V.F.  Mason
Genre: Dark Romance
Series: Sociopath Duet 



Life, as I knew it, was over one year ago.

I lost my family, my home and any support that came with it.
Living in a crappy apartment with my roommate and working two jobs was not how I envisioned my future.
However, that was one of the things my family had taught me.
Dreams and illusions held no power in the real world.
All this was worth it though as long as I knew I was safe.
Until he showed up, shattering any peace I had.


Violence towards those who wronged me was my only salvation and revenge.

Nothing brought me greater pleasure than the pain and suffering I inflicted on my victims.
Until I met her.
She became my obsession.
My Sapphire.
If I were a better man, I would have left her alone and never made her part of my life.
But I was a monster.
And monsters didn't have hearts.

Warning: 18+ due to sexual content, profanity, abuse, graphic violence, and adult subject matter.

Sociopath is a two part series.

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Sociopath Duet - Book 2:

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4.5 stars I have been curious about Sociopath since I read both Lachlan’s Protege and Micaden’s Madness (note: all books can be read as a standalone, but the other characters are mentioned without giving away their stories).  I mean, who goes by the name of Sociopath?  This is definitely a dark romance.

As with all of V.F. Mason’s books, I was completely sucked in from the beginning.  There were so many twists and turns, action, and of course insane chemistry between the two main characters. Sociopath is the ultimate anti-hero. He has fine-honed the skill of inflicting torture on his victims and enjoys it as it is his form of revenge.  What he did not expect was Sapphire.  He is the anti-hero that you hate to love.  He can be cold and ruthless, distant and closed off, yet loving and protective.  I don’t want to give too much away, but at first you don’t which character is Sociopath.

Sapphire, disowned, has lost her family and home.  She meets Sociopath at a function before she has lost her socialite status.  The two feel and instant connection.  For Sapphire, it is almost insta-love in the sense that she wonders if he is “the one” after their first encounter.  She is a relatively strong heroine with a sense of what is right and wrong. 

Sociopath’s Obsession is book 1 of a duet and the story continues in the already released Sociopath’s Revenge. *Trigger: this book has some graphic violence and mention of child sexual abuse.

About the Author:

V.F. Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn’t happen. Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her friends and family for supporting her in it. When she is not writing, she can be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent romance books that were written by her favorite authors.