Book Review: Alice's Wish by Kay Harris

Alice's Wish
Author: Kay Harris
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Wish Series (#3)

Alice wants to leave the past behind her, but when it shows up in the form of an irresistible ex-football player turned underwear model, she has no choice but to revisit it.

Being bullied by her high school boyfriend was a turning point for Alice Bando. She left the tiny town of Walker Springs for the bustling Bay Area and embraced the sexual identity that had led to nothing but pain as a teenager. But when the kind hero from that fateful night turns up at her job all the way across the country from their hometown, she has no choice but to confront her past.

Darius Fleck has had a thing for Alice since she dated his little brother over six years before. Now that they're working together, he has a new chance to convince Alice he was the right one for her all along.

Climbing over the past to create a new future won't be easy. But Alice and Darius just might be up for the challenge.

*This is both a romance story and a personal journey. The heroine identifies as bisexual. There are scenes of bullying that may be a trigger for some readers.*

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4.5 stars  Amy’s Wish is the 3rd book in Kay Harris’ Wish series and it can be read as a standalone.  This is such a sweet book.  In this series, four women with the same birthdays each made a wish with the goal of having achieved it by their next celebration.  For Alice, she wants to get married, which is shocking to the group as she is very young.  Alice is a great heroine - she has both strengths and flaws that make her relatable as a character.  She is a survivor and a loyal friend, but she is a people pleaser who goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation which is something that I identified with.  *There is a bullying incident at the beginning of the book where she was targeted by her boyfriend and his friends because she is bisexual.  This scene is heartbreaking, but you can see just how strong a heroine she is.   

I adored Darius as he is sexy and famous, yet he is down-to-earth, sweet, and loving.  He is the ultimate book boyfriend.  Alice and Darius knew each other in high school and he was so caring and supportive of her after the bullying incident.  The two of them make a great couple and bring out the best in each other.  I also liked how Everett played a prominent role in this book as I fell in love with him in Maya’s Wish.  

Alice’s Wish is beautifully written and I like how the author respectfully incorporated a character who is bisexual.  The main characters are likable and well developed and it was fun to see the characters from the previous books.  This book is low on angst, but has both some humor and a bit of drama. I loved the epilogue and I am trying to patiently wait for Julie’s book.

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About the Author:

I am a college professor, former park ranger, and anthropologist. People observation is in my blood. I write contemporary romance novels that emphasize character development and dialogue. The situations my characters find themselves in might not be everyday, but they could happen.

I have always loved romance novels of all kinds, and I've been writing love stories since I was kid. It wasn't until I was approaching a very significant birthday that that I decided to write down some of those stories in full length novels.

The Love on Tour series is a coming together of my love of romance and my love of rock n' roll. In particular I am a fan of classic rock (which might be obvious if you read my books). The titles of the books in the series are actually the song titles from one particular artist. If you can guess which singer/songwriter it is you get a gold star!

I grew up in Michigan, have since lived all over the west, including Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, and Nevada. I love to hike, am obsessed with museums, and take my 6'5 husband on 'adventures' all over the West.

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