Review: [BAD BOYS GUIDE TO . . . ] BEING NOT GOOD by Elizabeth Stevens

Being Not Good
Author: Elizabeth Stevens
Genre: YA/NA romance
Series: Bad Boy's Guide To ... #1

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If you don’t like a smattering of serious on a bed of satire, clichéd characters, and over the top situations that know exactly what they are, then this book is definitely not for you. 

What do you get when you introduce Deadpool’s personality to Giselle’s? If you answered a love story for the ages, you wouldn’t be totally wrong… But, you wouldn’t be totally right, either. 

With a heroine who won’t let a stupid little thing like being too good get in the way of showing her stupid ex what’s what and a hero who wants no part of being the male lead in a romance novel, these two opposites find themselves in an unconventional partnership. 

When peppy-go-lucky Avery eventually wears down bad-to-the-bone Davin’s defences, he agrees to help her trash her reputation. And if Davin can help her pass math while he’s at it, all the better. So it’s goodbye to Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes and hello to a whole new Avery. 

Davin was only supposed to be Avery’s mistake – the guy that everyone would eventually call her ‘little phase’ – and he figured it would be good for a laugh when he looked back on it. But the more they’re together, the less either of them feel it’s a mistake. 

Now if only one of them could mention that to the other and ease all that angst-ridden tension… 

A laugh-out-loud modern-day fairy-tale told in dual POV for those who know life never quite goes according to plan. 

The first book in a new standalone series: Bad Boy's Guide to...

This story is not intended for younger readers due to mature content. Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.


4.5 stars  This author has the remarkable talent of crafting humorous, enjoyable  YA novels while also threading in some important messages.  Bad Boy’s Guide to … Being Not Good runs more along the lines of satire which I think made the story.  Set in high school, Avery is considered to be “too good” and after a public breakup, she decides to approach the “bad boy” Davin, to teach her to not be so good by dating him.  What could possibly go wrong with a social experiment like this?  
The two characters are complete opposites and yet, they mesh so well together.  Told from a dual POV, you get a look into Avery’s upbeat, brightly colored personality and we also get to experience Davin’s more grumpier, anti-social outlook on life. I adored Davin.  His sarcastic wit and his inner monologue involving his thoughts and observations when it comes to Avery are hilarious.  Yet, there is a seriousness and some other things about him that I could identify with.  Avery appears to always be happy and always lending a hand to the point of many treating her like she’s not very smart or a doormat. At times, she was almost too bubbly for me, but while I couldn’t identify with her buoyant, very happy approach to life, I could very much relate to her being “good” - people pleaser and not always standing up for herself.  The Lord of Malcontent and the Queen of Pep are two very different people who truly “see” each other.  I wish that as I high schooler, I read this book as the take home messages are something that every teen and young adult should hear.  The author beautifully illustrates how everyone deserves respect and is worthy of love and that you also have to be true to yourself.  Overall, I really enjoyed Bad Boy's Guide to ... Being Not Good.  It moved at a great pace; had likable and relatable characters; and had the right mix of humor, sarcasm, and satire. I received this book for free and I voluntarily leave this review.

About Elizabeth Stevens:

Writer. Reader. Perpetual student. Nerd.

I started out writing fantasy. But, I like to write anything, honestly. These days, I mainly stick to YA and there's always at least a sprinkling of romance, if not a 'whoops, I dropped the whole packet in'. Almost all my books are set in my home state of South Australia, either in real or fictional places - gotta write what you know - with Netherfieldbeing the only current exception.

Like most writers, I love to read. Although, time for reading at the moment is hard to come by. When I'm not too busy writing, I'm usually reading a number of authors.

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