HER BUSH by Penelope Bloom

Her Bush
Author: Penelope Bloom
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series: Objects of Attraction


Everything went wrong when I trimmed his bush.
And no, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m a professional.
The client hired me to trim a bush in his garden for a party.
I accidentally turned it into something that rhymes with “a big rock and walls”.
Imagine my surprise when the art world decides it’s a masterpiece.

Were my raging hormones the cause of my bush sculpting blunder? I mean, who would blame me if they were? After meeting Harry Barnidge for the first time, my brain went straight to cavewoman mode. There were undignified fantasies of being bashed over the head and carried off to a cave, a significant loss of vocabulary, and maybe even a little drooling.

But I can’t focus on that. On him. I need this job to make my little sister’s dreams come true. Until now, I’ve managed to screw everything in my professional and personal life up, but I’m determined to make this work.

So when Mr. Heartstopper offers to help me manage my accidental art career, it’s impossible to say no.

It’s like the old saying goes. If you erect it, they will come. Or something like that.


I was done with relationships, until her. The new gardener took everything I knew and flipped it upside down. And once I saw her bush? Well, that was when I knew she was something special.

Women have tried a lot of things to get my attention, but Nell’s bush has to be the boldest method. I mean, there was the direct approach, and then there was turning a ten-foot bush into… that.

So of course, I asked her out. And when the biggest art critic in the country declared her bush a work of art, I offered to become her agent… even if my specialty was books.

Now I just have to convince her that I want more than our professional relationship. No matter the cost. Even when my biggest rival wants to steal her from under me and threatens to ruin me if I tell the truth about him. 



Let’s just say it is a good thing my e-reader is water resistant because I may have spewed coffee all over my kindle from laughing so hard. . . more than once. If you’ve read this author’s other books in her Objects of Attraction series (note: Her Bush is a standalone), then you will be thrilled to know that she does it again in creating a humorous romance full of sexual innuendos related to inanimate objects - in this case there is a bush. A literal bush, with leaves and roots.  I loved both Nell and Harry.  Nell is a quirky character who wants to be an artist and help put her sister through college.  I found her to be refreshing and the type of girl that I would love to be friends with.  Harry is the perfect book boyfriend.  He had sworn off relationships, but he immediately knows that Nell is different.  He is sexy, confident, and is pretty good-natured about his shrubbery resembling something phallic after Nell gets her hands on some pruning shears.  This book had me laughing at their banter as well as their zany antics.  I loved the appearance of many of the characters from the previous series - especially my beloved and the every hilarious William!  This book is a great read that is sure to keep you laughing and thoroughly entertained until the very end.  I received Her Bush for free and I looking forward to reading more of this author’s works.

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About Penelope Bloom:

I'm so proud and extremely thankful to my readers for making me a USA Today Bestselling author and Amazon top 10 best selling author!

I love writing romances that I'd want to live in. I like my men with a mind as dirty as sin, a bit of an attitude, and a heart of gold they try to keep hidden away. I absolutely love writing about BDSM, but it's not featured in all of my stories. Check the bottom of my bio for a super quick breakdown of my books and which one might suit your style. 

I stepped away from my job as a high school teacher to pursue my dream of writing in October of last year. Writing had always been my dream, but it took having my two beautiful daughters to push me to follow through with it. I wanted to be able to show my girls that nothing is impossible. No dream is too big. No matter what anyone tells them. 

They just have to look at their mommy to see it. Being a positive example for my girls is worth all the late nights, doubts, and fears that come with being a writer. I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Whew! Look at me getting emotional over here. It's just an author bio, Penelope! 

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