BOYS THAT TEASE by Betti Rosewood

Boys That Tease
Author: Betti Rosewood
Series: Lords of Wildwood #1
Genre: New Adult/ 
High School Bully Romance



We’re young. Privileged. Dirty. And we ruin lives for fun.

She knew being the new girl at Wildwood would never be easy, considering who she is. But nobody warned Tinsley Sullivan we'd be doing everything in our power to make her high school experience one of the most horrible times of her life.
They say my name like I'm their king. Crispin Dalton. Teachers and students worship the ground I walk on. They all follow my lead... Except for her.
I didn't think she'd have it in her to fight back. It's kind of adorable that she won't budge, refusing to break for me, to submit to my cruel desires. Except I'll never stop pushing for more. I'm ready to make her life so miserable, she'll be begging me to stop hurting her.
There's just one thing that's messing it all up.
Tinsley is off-f*cking-limits.
And I need to keep that in mind when I kiss my girlfriend... her best friend.

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4 stars Boys That Tease is a slow burn, high school bully romance that will keep you entertained until the very end.  This book involves the usual high school drama of teasing, bullying, crushes, testing friendships, and jealousy, but it is so much more than that. There are family dynamics at play and some sensitive subject material is incorporated into the storyline as well.  The characters in the book definitely have the mindset, the interests, and the maturity level of teenagers so I would consider this to be more of an older YA/NA romance.

This is the story of Tinsley and Crispin - two teens whose families were destroyed by scandal, but who are drawn towards each other like magnets.  Tinsley is a disgraced child star who started high school for the first time as a senior at Wildwood Academy.  I found it  heartbreaking that in the aftermath of the scandal, it was Tinsley who got blamed and bullied.  I loved how she never backed down when it came to the teasing, but for someone who grew up in as a child star, she seemed pretty naive and dense when it came to her “best friend”.  Crispin is the popular kid at school and my heart hurt for him given how he was being pulled in different directions with his family members, his feelings towards Tinsley, and Estrella.  I liked the two of them together and I enjoyed watching how things played out.

The secondary characters are also what make the book so entertaining.  I adored Andromeda and her quirkiness (I hope she gets her own book!).  Estella is the ultimate mean girl and while I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in this self-centered teen, I am curious about her backstory. 

Boys That Tease is book 1 in the Lords of Wildwood series and while Crispin and Tinsley get their HEA, there is a little bit of a mystery that I am sure will be slowly revealed in the rest of the books.  Overall, I enjoyed this Boys That Tease in that it had an interesting storyline, had well-developed characters, and it moved at a good pace.  I received a copy of this book through Give Me Books PR.


Betti Rosewood is a romance junkie and cat enthusiast in her late twenties. She lives in a picturesque European country with her partner, 2 rowdy cats and a friendly Lab Retriever. When not writing damaged alphas, she can most likely be found binging TV shows and movies, and always jotting down new book ideas.