Such Great Heights
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Rockstar Romance
Series: Blue is the Color #3

Malka Fischer has a bad reputation.

Jasper Antonio is the nice guy of rock.

They've known each other for years, but neither has looked beyond the surface. To Jasper, Malka is his best friend's on-again, off-again girlfriend. To Malka, Jasper is the squeaky clean bassist in her ex's band.

One night fueled by grief and alcohol changes it all. They finally see each other for who they really are and a connection is uncovered between them that can't be denied.

Even though it should be, since not denying it could destroy everything.

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Such Great Heights is a beautifully written book that falls within the lines of a slow burn romance with Jasper and Malka’s relationship evolving from acquaintances to friends and to eventually more. This book was full of sweetness, romance, humor, and lots of emotions.  

Jasper is the bass player of his band Blue is the Color and he recently lost his mother.  The pain and grief that he experiences is palpable.  During this time, he develops a deep connection with Malka, another musician who is also a former on-again-off-again flame of his fellow bandmate Ian.  The two form a strong bond of friendship and eventually, their feelings start to evolve into mutual attraction and love. 

I loved Jasper in that he is a good, sexy man with a kind soul and beautiful heart.  He writes gorgeous poetry and is so sweet with Malka.  At times, I almost thought he was too perfect.   Jasper is in a difficult position as once he recognizes how deep his feelings for Malka go, he struggles with his emotions and worries about how if he starts a relationship with the woman he loves would it possibly destroy his friend Ian and even the band?

“Life is a beautiful kind of chaos and so are you.”

Malka seemed like more of a complex character than Jasper to me.  She is a bit of a transient who originates from Germany and is with a band that doesn’t hold par to her talent.  She has been told that she is either “too much” or “isn’t enough" and this affects her relationships.  She has this ability to bring light to those around her - people gravitate towards her, and yet most people do not pick up on her sadness.  My heart hurt for her as the author revealed more and more pieces of her. I really liked her as a heroine.  Malka was kind, loved deeply, and was the kind of girl that I would love to be friends with.

The author did a great job on developing the bond between Jasper and Malka and I enjoyed reading their journey. They had that gravitational pull that could not be denied.  There were some rather humorous parts in this book that had me chuckling and then parts where my heartstrings were pulled.  I did not find this book to very heavy on angst and the drama was not over the top.  In case you are wondering here, there is absolutely NO cheating in this book! 

In theory, Such Great Heights can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading Times Likes These (bk 1) first as you will get some of their backstory in book 1 and also because the first 2/3s of Such Great Heights has the same overlapping timeline.  I received Such Great Heights for free and I am definitely looking forward to Ian’s book. 

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Hi! I'm Julia and I live in Maryland with my three crazy, beautiful kids and patient husband.
I worked as a hair stylist for seven years, collecting stories my clients couldn't wait to spill, a few of which just might show up in my writing!

I love writing all things romance, from sweet, to steamy, to funny, to so dirty you'll be blushing for days. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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