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NEVER AGAIN, Never Blue Duet Book 2, by Julia Wolf is LIVE!

Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Rockstar Romance
Series: Never Blue Duet, #2

They were a perfect storm of bad decisions and tragedy...

We thought our forever kind of love would protect us.

We thought we were strong enough to withstand any storm.

But we were so young then. We couldn't have known what was coming.

"First loves will mess you up until the end of time if you let them."

Older now, we're both stronger than we've ever been. Brought back together by chance, we have a second chance to discover if forever is still the truth or yet another broken promise.

*This is the conclusion to Tali and Jude's epic love story.

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Well this author did it!  After I felt like my heart went through a blender at the end of Never Lasting, she joyfully and painstakingly stitched up the broken pieces of my heart in this 2nd and final installment of Jude and Tali’s duet.  Their journey was long, winding and wrought with heartbreak, but their story was also breathtakingly beautiful, sexy, and sweet complete with a love that was deep-seated, hard earned and never ending.  

This book predominantly takes place 13 years after the gut wrenching end of Never Lasting and is interspersed with a few encounters throughout those years. Tali has become the successful manager that we all know and love.  She remains super organized and the “thinkiest of thinkers”, but she has never fully moved on from Jude.  Jude displays great character growth and has gained in maturity that comes from life’s hard lessons.  A white hot spark remains between these two as their flame was never fully extinguished. A second chance is not easy given as trust, forgiveness, and healing are needed to move past old hurts.  Jude’s and Tali’s love story obliterated all of my expectations. 

I read an early complimentary version of this book.

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Anna's Bookshelf Review

As a little girl, I watched my mom read her Harlequin romance novels and always wondered what was so fascinating about them. When I grew up and finally read my first romance, my first reaction was “Oh!” followed by a “Ooooooh!”. A romance reader was born!

And now I create my own love stories. I like taking the everyday and injecting a whole lot of swoon into it. Who doesn’t want that?

Most of my books take place in and around Baltimore. It’s what i know, and it’s an area I love. I like to mix in a little bit of big city with my small town.

When I’m not writing, I’m momming my three crazy, beautiful kids. Although according to them, I’m always writing!