DAMNED IF I DO by Elizabeth Stevens - Review

Author: Elizabeth Stevens
Genre: YA/NA Paranormal Romance
Series:  The Damned Trilogy #1

The devil always collects. And so does his son.


Most guys like their dads.

Most guys aren't the son of the literal devil.

When Daddy Dearest tells me its unseemly for the last living son of the Lord of Hell to be unmarried, I hate to think who he has in mind. Until, I remember I’m technically already married. Yeah, she’s human and I was all of eight at the time. But, still counts.

Now I just need to get my wife to Hell for a meet and greet with Pops and send her back home. Except, our marriage won’t technically be legit until it’s consummated. And I don’t know that I want to send her home…


Most girls live normal lives.

Most girls aren’t married to the devil’s son.

There is something weirdly familiar about the new guy next door, but I can’t place it. Then a weird little demon thing turns up in my room to tell me a prince of Hell wishes for an audience with me. Oh, yeah. And, apparently – while I’m not even eighteen yet – he’s my husband?

So, I find myself stuck in Hell with a husband. And, I guess I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. There’s always something going on and things to discover. And soon, I don’t know that I want to go home.

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This fun mature YA/NA paranormal romance has it all!

✅A crazy hot Prince of Hell full of sarcastic wit 

✅A human that finds herself married to the hot Prince of Darkness and transported into the bowels of Hell - check

✅A zany ruler of the underworld know as the Devil -  double check

✅A trio of snappy sidekick devilbums - triple check

Throw in the 3-headed Cerberus and a few tortured souls and you have the makings of a rather entertaining read that is sure to make you both laugh and swoon.  

This author does a tremendous job in creating a hell that is unlike any other.  Her inventive world-building and unique cast of characters kept me enthralled throughout the entire novella.  I found Drake to be sexy and endearing. Wren ,although skeptical at first, learns to embrace this interesting turn of events - being married to the Lord of Darkness and I love how she managed to befriend she many of the various supernatural beings.  As for the Devil. . . this guy stole the show with his charming personality, vibrancy, and hysterical theatrics.  I found myself chuckling throughout the novella at the some of the crazy antics and humorous dialogue between the characters.  If you are looking for a fun and entertaining  paranormal read mixed with a touch of steam, a bit action, and a heaping dose of comedic flare, then you will enjoy this novella.

I read a complimentary version of this book.


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