Never Lasting (Never Blue Duet #1) by Julia Wolf - Review

NEVER LASTING, Never Blue Duet Book 1, by Julia Wolf is LIVE!

Never Lasting
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Rockstar Romance; Contemporary Romance
Series: Never Blue Duet #1

Tali DiPietro is a good girl in combat boots with a rebellious streak.

Away at college and finally out from under her overprotective parents’ thumbs, Tali is ready to forge her own path. What she didn’t expect was the crazy attraction she felt the moment her eyes locked on hazel.

Jude Goldman is a bad boy with a guitar and big dreams.

Bleeding his heart out under bright stage lights has been the one thing that’s kept Jude propelling forward. But a chance encounter with a cute girl in a White Stripes shirt has the potential to derail everything.

Tali doesn’t date musicians—or anyone—but she can’t deny the way Jude makes her heart beat to a whole new rhythm. 

Jude knows he should stay away from Tali, but she’s like a beacon in the dark, drawing him to her light.

Two battered ships, moored together in a storm. Rocking, drifting, pulling away, only to be yanked back in.

Their love is the forever kind, but broken promises and Jude's hunger for the stage might turn their forever into nothing more than stardust and memories.

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Never Lasting is a beautiful, emotionally charged love story that is sure to put you through all of the feels  complete with moments of laughter, swooning, and heartbreak.  This book is mostly set while the very organized and studious Tali is in college and meets the musically talented Jude.  These two possess such undeniable soul connection that the passion and love between them is palpable.  Jude and Tali are both extremely supportive of each other and love deeply, but there are mistakes, bad decisions, and hurdles that create destructive fissures in their hearts.  There were times where I was laughing at some of the antics of the secondary characters as well as some kindle melting moments that left me fanning myself. Towards the end, I felt that my heart was ripped completely out of my chest as I ugly cried for all that occurred between the pages of those last few chapters.  Never Lasting a well written book with amazing, well-developed characters; an entertaining storyline that moves at a good pace; and elicits all of the feels.  I am very much looking forward to the next and final book in this duet.

I received an early complimentary copy of this book.

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As a little girl, I watched my mom read her Harlequin romance novels and always wondered what was so fascinating about them. When I grew up and finally read my first romance, my first reaction was “Oh!” followed by a “Ooooooh!”. A romance reader was born!

And now I create my own love stories. I like taking the everyday and injecting a whole lot of swoon into it. Who doesn’t want that?

Most of my books take place in and around Baltimore. It’s what i know, and it’s an area I love. I like to mix in a little bit of big city with my small town.

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