STEEL PRINCESS (Royal Elite Series #2) by Rina Kent - Review

Title: Steel Princess
Series: Royal Elite Series #2
Author: Rina Kent
Genre: Dark High School Bully Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2019

Buckle up for another hot and wild, jaw dropping ride and be prepared to forgo sleep because once you settle into this 2nd installment of the Royal Elite Series you will not want to put it down! ~Anna's Bookshelf

The princess isn’t supposed to dethrone the king. Elsa
He said he’ll destroy me, and he did.
I might have lost the battle, but the war is far from over.
They say it starts with one move to dethrone the king.
No one mentioned he’ll yank me with him on the way down.
If Steel’s little princess wants a war, then war it is.
There’s only one rule: my rules or none at all.
By all means, show me what you got, sweetheart.
Steel Princess is book two of Royal Elite Series and should be read after Deviant King. This is a dark high school bully romance, mature new adult, and contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensive.
This book is part of a trilogy and is NOT standalone.

Royal Elite Series:
#1 Deviant King
#2 Steel Princess
#3 Twisted Kingdom
Royal Elite full-length standalone Spin-off:
Cruel King (part of Noble Savages Boxset)

Dangerously in love with books - “I think I’m loosing my hair due to all the stress and anxiety Rina Kent is causing me!!! How? Just how do you come up with this morbid sick world you threw us in????!!! You have gone to be a top author in my list.” - “This book was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be.”

STELLA. - “Rina is clever as the devil! She does an amazing job keeping you captivated from the beginning.”

Buckle up for another hot and wild, jaw dropping ride and be prepared to forgo sleep because once you settle into this 2nd installment of the Royal Elite Series you will not want to put it down!  Steel Princess picks up right where Deviant King (book 1) dropped a doozy of a cliffhanger and is an entertaining novel full  sizzling chemistry, secrets and twists and turns that are sure to leave you frantically flipping those pages just to find out what shocking revelation this author will unveil next.

No one writes a dark, high school bully romance like this author and Steel Princess surpassed all of my expectations on this front.  Aiden remains a complex character where jealousy and obsession are the name of his game when it comes to his unrelenting need to possess Elsa. He is commanding, domineering, and pretty much a guy that I would run from in real life, but I find him to be the epitome of an anti-hero that I crave in these types of dark romances. 

“Being mind isn’t really a choice,” he says in that scarily calm tone.  “It’s a […] reality.”

Small pieces of himself are cleverly revealed throughout the book as he starts to open up to Elsa and we also get to see a more tender side to him. One of the things that I appreciated was finally getting into the depraved mind of Aiden during those few chapters told from his POV.

“He has multiple layers that he carefully chooses which to hide and which to show.”

Elsa continues to maintain a defiant streak, refuses to bow down to Aiden, and discovers a bit of darkness within herself. 

Devils can't be redeemed. Devils can only crash and burn. He said he'll destroy me, and he did. It's time I destroy him back. . . 

After all, it takes a monster to destroy a monster.

I absolutely love how she is no wilting flower, but rather a stubborn girl who is full of steel and grit.  Elsa struggles to unravel her past and with each layer the author peels back, I am left either heartbroken and / or reeling.

One of the things that I loved about this book is that it is not your typical high school bully romance as there is so much more than meets these eye in this intricate story. These characters, the main ones and the secondary ones, are all unique and intriguing. I adored Aiden and Elsa, but I also loved all of the “horsemen” and the dynamic between them all.  There is a lot of heat between these pages as well as a fair amount of edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep you entertained until the very end.  As this is the 2nd book in Aiden’s and Elsa’s trilogy there is a cliffhanger that will leave you gasping in surprise.  

I read a complimentary version of this book.

Rina Kent in an English author who's constantly parading between France and North Africa due to her studies and her husband's demanding job.
When she's not packing suitcases or hopping from one plane to the other, she's busy whipping her characters to shape. Since a young age, Rina has been obsessed with storytelling and flawed, edgy characters. Her heroes are often killers and anti-heroes and her books are always sprinkled with darkness, angst, violence, and lots of heat. Don’t forget to Sign up to Rina Kent’s Newsletter for news about future releases and an exclusive gift.