Review: The Romeo + Juliet Experiment (Be Mine: Valentine Novellas to Warm the Heart Anthology) by Elizabeth Stevens

Girl + guy + three days = greatest love story ever.

Yeah, right.
Jess Clayton had no interest in romance. The teen cynic was convinced it was all a ruse made up to lure you into stupidity and part you from your hard-earned pennies. No matter how many people asked her out – not that there was a line or anything – she refused to date. 
When it came to romance, Ryan Miller had been there and done that. The re-reformed bad boy had already done his redemption romance story only to have his supposed one true love go and break his heart. He really wasn’t interested in going through all that mess again.
So, when the two come together for a Year 12 English camp with the express purpose of testing the legend of Romeo and Juliet falling in love in three days, nothing could possibly go wrong. After all, it was impossible to fall in love with someone in three days. Wasn’t it?
Wilderness + teenagers + camping = true love?
Over our dead bodies.

This story can be found in the Be Mine: Valentine Novellas to Warm the Heart anthology, which can be found on Goodreads here:

A contemporary collection of Valentine romance novellas, each with an essential happy ever after.
This exclusive anthology from bestselling and brand-new authors from around the world is available for a limited time only.
The sweet stories are at the beginning, then we turn up the heat by degrees as things get hotter.

Featuring novellas from:
Nicole Flockton
Emma Lea
Susanne Bellamy
Alli Stewart
Maryanne Ross
Renee Conoulty
Monique McDonell
Ruby Rare
Heidi Wessman Kneale
Ebony Jean
Elizabeth Stevens
Renée Dahlia
Novalee Swan
Wanika Fazekas
Novalee Swan

Edited by Ebony McKenna

The majority of the authors are Australian, and this anthology was created during the late spring and early summer in Australia. Many of our authors were directly and indirectly affected by the catastrophic bushfires in their communities. There are details within the book for readers to contribute to relief efforts, should they be able to. Thank you in advance for your concern, good wishes and support.

The blurb is what drew me in.  The brilliant storytelling is what kept me entertained from the very first page until the very last word. Both skeptical of love as it pertains to the famous Shakespeare couple of Romeo and Juliet, Ryan and Jess are paired together on a rather unconventional school project.  These two characters are hilarious!  I found myself chuckling at their witty banter and sarcasm.  The dialogue between the two of them as well as that between their teachers and their various friends were highly entertaining.  The underlying romance is sweet and Jess and Ryan captured my heart.  I found this novella to be cleverly written, sweet, humorous, and a great deal of fun.  I would love for these two to have a full length book in the future.

I read an early complimentary version of this novella

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