Review: WYCKED LOVE by Wynne Roman

Author: Wynne Roman
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Series: Wycked Obsession #5


Life has beaten me up pretty good, and if I believe my mother, I deserved it. But she’s gone, I’m alone, and when my past catches up with me, it’s Rye Myles who comes to my rescue. I’ve loved him since the first day I met him more than six years ago, but I’ve never been anything more than an obligation to him. So why does being with him and his Wycked Obsession family make me feel like I’ve finally found the place where I belong?


I never had much in my life, lost most of it, and finally found the place where I belonged when Wycked Obsession became my family. I got over the losses, moved on, but I never forgot. When Minx Townsend comes back into my life, it’s like a second chance for both of us. She’s been through hell and survived, and she deserves so much better than me. So why do I feel like the only way I can protect her is to get her into my arms — and in my bed?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the fifth book in the Wycked Obsession Series. While Wycked Love is technically a stand-alone romance, your reading experience may be enhanced by reading the other books in the series first. All are available in paperback and as part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

WARNING: This book contains backstory trauma that may be triggers for some readers.

♨ This is an adult rock star romance intended for mature audiences. Language and sexual situations are explicit. Not appropriate for readers under 18. ♨

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Wycked Love is a rock star romance that captures the heart & awakens the soul with an original storyline, a superb writing style, and engaging characters. This is not your cookie cutter rock star novel so be prepared to clear your schedule as you will be unable to put it down once you crack the book open to that first page.

The band Wycked Obsession is back as we finally get Rye’s story and thank goodness because he has been one of the band members that I was most curious about.  I fell in love with Rye immediately; enchanting me right from the beginning. He is everything - sweet, tender, protective and all wrapped up in a breathtaking, irresistible, heart-throbbing package.

Minx wasn’t what I was expecting and I mean that in a good way.  She is broken, beautifully flawed, and her tortuous past has greatly affected her.    As the author reveals all that this girl has endured, it becomes obvious just how resilient she is and how she possesses an inner strength that really becomes apparent during the last half of the novel.

Rye and Minx are perfect together and I really enjoyed witnessing the deep-seated connection between them.  It was as though there was a gravitational pull, a magnetic force that drew them together, thus making them stronger.

Wycked Love is an alluring rock star romance complete with well-developed, likable characters and a unique storyline as well as a dash of suspense mixed with a heaping dose of heat.  This book is a part of the Wycked Obsession series and it can be read as a standalone. I do recommend reading the previous books as there is some character overlap and also because these books are so entertaining.  I read an early complimentary version of this book and I cannot wait for this author’s next release.

Photo Credits: Wynne Roman's Facebook Page

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Photo Credits: Wynne Roman's Facebook Page

Reading and writing have been a part of my life forever. I was that odd child who went to the library during summer vacation, and I was reading romances before I quite realized that's what they were. Years later, my habits are still the same.

As Wendy Douglas, I published two historical romance novels, Shades of Gray and The Unlikely Groom, with Harlequin Historicals. After a long hiatus from publishing, I have returned with new enthusiasm and a different focus. Wycked Crush, the first book in the Wycked Obsession series, is the result.

I was born and raised in northwest Iowa and spent most of my adult life in Anchorage, Alaska. When it came time to thaw out my bones, I moved south to the Texas Gulf Coast where I live with my two very spoiled dachshunds and an assortment of fictional characters visit. Sometimes I win our arguments, sometimes they do, but it's always entertaining!

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