Review: GHOST NOTE by Vicki James

GHOST NOTE by Vicki James

Six years.
Seventy-two months.
Over two thousand days.

That’s what I’d dedicated to that guitar-playing a*sehole, Danny Silver.
Now I, Daisy Piper, was left to pick up the wreckage of his love while he ran off with the band to find fortune and fame.

Life went on without him, and a new man soon rescued me from the ashes of Danny, but a part of my heart remained a little broken, no matter who tried to fix it. First loves can’t be forgotten so easily, and when Danny returned to our small hometown in Devon—famous and adored by millions—I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to get a glimpse of the man I’d once laid beside, to see how much he’d changed.
The smallest actions make for the biggest mistakes, and a single look into Danny’s eyes was all it took before I ran. I ran because the spark that came to life inside felt dangerous, and I wasn’t the kind of girl who enjoyed getting burnt twice.

But running from a rock star isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and with Danny’s sights now firmly set on me again, all I could do was pray that he got bored of the chase. That he thought life in Devon was too slow for him, and that he craved the bright lights of the city, as well as the noise of the stadium.
If he didn’t, I was about to ruin everythingfor everyone.
Especially myself, and my stupid little Silver-lined heart.  



Ghost Note is a phenomenal 2nd chance, rockstar romance that is sure to capture your heart with its entertaining storyline and engaging characters.  If you are looking for the perfect read that will not only pull at your heartstrings but will also leave you swooning, then be sure to pick up this book!

Danny and Daisy start off as a young couple in love, but Daisy’s world was torn apart when he left to pursue his musical dream.  The author artfully intersperses moments of their past throughout the book. These flashbacks cast shimmers of light upon their early relationship and illustrate that all encompassing love between them.  These long ago moments highlight their intense connection and help the reader feel Daisy’s hurt. 

The book was told from Daisy’s POV where the author expertly portrays just how devastated she was when their relation was severed. Danny was her everything and yet she felt he chose music over her. Thus she is a tad bitter when he returns to their hometown of Hope Cove.  Daisy is a character that I think many will identify with.  The author did a remarkable job with character growth and I felt as though I was actually feeling what Daisy was feeling.

As for Danny, I adored him.  I felt that I didn’t know too much about him in the beginning of the book and I think that is why it took me a few chapters to become fully immersed in the novel. However, as I got to know more about him and witness his interactions with Daisy, I completely fell in love with him.  Can you say book boyfriend? 

Overall,  I thoroughly enjoyed this rockstar romance.  The characters were likable & well developed and the storyline was interesting.  I enjoyed some of the messages alluded to in this book as they are relatable. It is a standalone novel, but if you’ve read Dirty Rock, you will be thrilled to see cameos from Rhett and Julia. Ghost Note is an excellent read by this relatively new-to-me author.  Her rockstar romances leave me with a smile on my face while also wanting more of these wonderful characters. 

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

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Vicki James is a pseudonym for Victoria L. James, taking her stories from heavy angst to heavy romance and bad boys you can't help but fall in love with. She is, however, one and the same person so feel free to follow her on any of her platforms, be it Vicki James or Victoria L. James. Most importantly, enjoy the stories she tells, no matter what name she releases under.
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