Review: LUCA (Hunting Her #5) by Eden Summers

From International bestselling author, Eden Summers, comes the conclusion of a thrilling duet in the Hunting Her series.



Luca dragged me from hell and delivered me to salvation.
At least that's what I thought.

I hoped this would be a new life. A fresh start.
But the pain followed.
I'm certain the monsters did, too.

I'm told it's paranoia. Trauma. PTSD.
Nobody believes my truth.
But they'll soon learn.

We all will.

Because as much as I want to forget the mantra from my nightmares, it hasn't stopped being true. The good guys never conquer. Evil always wins.

*This book is not a standalone.  Luca and Penny's story starts in Savior*

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Luca is the most enthralling and entertaining romantic suspense that I have read all year!  This author has mastered the art of weaving together an intricate storyline that grabs the reader’s attention right from the first page.  Be prepared to forgo sleep  because you won’t want to put this book down as it is full of romance, action, secrets, and heart stopping suspense that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The author does an impeccable job with character development. Penny is battling the demons related to the horrors that were illustrated in Savior.  She is both a vulnerable & strong heroine and I couldn’t help but admire her resilience.  The path to healing is not an easy one and I like how the author addressed this. I am officially claiming Luca as my book boyfriend.  He is just scrumptious and I love his protective nature & kind-hearted soul.  These two bring out the best in each other and the connection between the two of them was palpable throughout the book. 

This novel is a part of the Hunting Her series and is the conclusion to Luca and Penny’s duet.  So you must read Savior before diving into this book or you will be completely lost. As there is character overlap and an interconnecting storyline, I do recommend reading the earlier books in the series as well to get the best experience.  For those of you who love the Hunting Her world, you will be pleased to see some of the favorite characters from Hunter, Decker, and Torian.   If you are looking for a well written, fast paced romantic suspense with captivating characters and an engaging storyline, then I definitely recommend Luca.

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(this is book 1 of Luca and Penny's Duet)

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