Review: KING OF ALWAYS by Juno Heart

A fae prince with a poisoned heart. A mortal girl with a personal motto—when life gets weird, bake!


Author: Juno Heart

Series: Black Blood Fae #2

Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Isla, an aspiring baker, has just made the biggest mistake of her life. After bargaining her way into Faery, she meets the arrogant heir to the Seelie throne who insists she’s his fated mate. But no matter how compelling the depths of his amber eyes, there’s no way she’s getting hitched to save him from some stupid curse.

Raff, the Prince of Fire, is thrilled to finally meet his foretold queen, even if she is a disagreeable human whose pistachio nut cookies make his courtiers cry. Shame she doesn’t like him much—or at all. Doesn’t every girl want to marry a fae prince and be Queen of the Seelie Court? Apparently not.

After a kidnapping and a bungled rescue attempt lands Raff and Isla in an Unseelie prison, Isla has to find a way to break them out before the dark court realizes she’s a fraud and kills them both.

Life would’ve been simpler if she’d just stayed in the mortal world waiting tables and baking eclairs!

King of Always is book 2 in a spellbinding YA, fated mates, paranormal romance series with a guaranteed HEA at the end of each story. Double your fun and devour book 1 first, now 99c!

Enemies to lovers romance – check!

Cursed fae princes – check!

Snarky mortal gals thrown into Faery – yep!

Lovable animal sidekicks – double check!

Grab King of Always today and fall in love with a captivating cruel prince romance set in the enchanting world of Faery! 

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What a phenomenal fantasy romance!  If you love a fast-paced, romantic adventure featuring a captivating Fae prince, a spunky heroine,  and a dark curse, then you will definitely want to check out this book! Set within the rich tapestry of Faery, the author has a masterful way of creating a fantasy world that is so beautifully descriptive and interesting that one can easy visualize himself/herself within the story. I particularly enjoyed the elements of action & suspense, the fascinating characters as well as the humor interspersed throughout the book.  The enemies-to-lovers component was perfect for this story and it was a pleasure to see the blossoming relationship between Raff and Isla.  The intricate plot line kept the story moving at a great place all while maintaining my interest throughout the entire novel.  

A little bit more about the characters - if you have read Prince of Never, then you will recognize the hero as Ever’s brother and the heroine as Lara’s cousin. Raff, the Prince of Fire, suffers from the Black Blood curse which has transformed him from a happy, carefree elemental fae into a man with darkness clinging to him. He is arrogant and occasionally exudes an aura of danger, but he has many layers to him that made him both swoon worthy and lovable. His character captured my heart immediately from the very beginning.  Isla is an aspiring baker and waitress who is intrigued by Faery as her cousin is now married to a Fae. I absolutely adore this saucy spitfire and her quest for adventure.  Seemingly opposites, these are often at odds with each other with an entertaining push-pull between them, but as their relationship evolves, they are clearly perfect for each other.

The secondary characters in this spellbinding novel add a lot to the story.  You have the perfect villain with Temnen. Trust me, you will have a strong dislike towards him.  But, you will also be thrilled to experience a few scenes with Lara and Ever from Prince of Never.  There are other  entertaining supporting characters that played a role in this engaging adventure.  King of Always is, in theory, an interconnected standalone in this author’s Black Blood Fae series.  I do, however recommend reading Prince of Never as it will really enrich your reading experience and also because the book is just that good.  For lovers of YA, paranormal romances, I definitely recommend this book! 

I voluntarily read an early version of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Star the series with Prince of Never!

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Anna's Review

Author Juno Heart writes paranormal romances about Elemental fae princes with pointy ears and tousled hair and the feisty mortal girls they fall for. 
She loves indie music, all things Gothic, her magical talking cat, Loki, and getting up in the middle of the night to write long lists and pretend she’s not an insomniac. 
She’s also published four spicy romance novels under her contemporary pen name, Chili S. Peppers. Okay, so that’s not the actual name. . . but if you twist her arm, she just might tell you the real one!

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